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Monday, 24 November 2014

9th Annual U.S. Open International Wheelchair BonspielDecember 5-7, 2014

The Utica Curling Club

9th Annual U.S. Open International Wheelchair Bonspiel

December 5-7, 2014


USA #1

Patrick McDonald

Steve Emt

James Joseph

Penny Greely

Coach: Steve Brown

USA #2

Meghan Lino

Tim Kelly

Pam Wilson

Justin Marhsall

Coach: Steve Brown

USA #3

Bob Prenoveau

Mark Taylor

Matt Berwick

Russian Alternate

USA #4

Kirk Black

Brad Carlson

Kevin Patton

Ted Beriau

USA Veterans

Terry Hannigan

Rene Peterson

Jeanne Goldy-Sanitate

Adrianne McIntyre

Ottawa #1

Collinda Joseph

Doug Morris

Jon Thurston

Ross Nicholson

Coach: Carl Rennick

Ottawa #2

Jamie Eddy

Katie Paialunga

Megan Turpin

Christine Lavallee


Dong-Sik Lee

Bong-Kwang Nam

Jae-Seon Yun

Min-Kyong Cho

Tae-Yeong Jeong

Coach: Kwon-Il Park

Maritime Ontario

Michael Fitzgerald

Carl Bax

Joanna Bos

Laughie Rutt


Benoit Lessard

Carl Marquis

Johanne Daly

Dean Rogers

Coach: Germain Tremblay


Andrey Smirnov

Alexander Shevchenko

Marat Romanov

Oxana Slesarenko

Svetlana Pakhomova

Konstantin Kurokhtin

Coach: Anton Batugin


George Eldridge

Carl Hennum

Jodie Fisher

Shauna Petrie

Coach: Dave Long


Aileen Neilson

Gregor Ewan

Robert McPherson

Jim Gault

Angie Malone

Coach: Tony Zummack

Nova Scotia

Trendal Hubley-Bolivar

Terry Cousineau

Keith Williams

Debbie Morgan

Pool A                         Pool B

Maritime Ontario        Ottawa #1

Nova Scotia                Quebec

Ottawa #2                   Russia

Scotland                      Toronto          

USA #1                       USA #2

USA #4                       USA #3

Korea                          USA Veterans


Sheet numbers are in parentheses

Teams listed first in each draw will use dark (red) handles

Teams listed second in each draw have Hammer for first end

Coin flip will determine Hammer for first game


8:00 a.m.                     USA #1 vs. USA #3 (2)                      Quebec vs. USA #2 (1)          

                                    Maritime Ontario vs. Scotland (3)      USA Veterans vs. Toronto (5)

                                    Korea vs. Ottawa #2 (4)                     Ottawa #1 vs. Russia (6)        

                                    BYE  Nova Scotia                              BYE  USA #4

11:15 a.m.                   Scotland vs. USA #1 (4)                     USA #4 vs. Quebec (6)

                                    USA #3 vs. Korea (3)                         Russia vs. USA #2 (5)                                   

Nova Scotia vs. Maritime Ontario (1) Toronto vs. Ottawa #1 (2)

BYE  Ottawa #2                                 BYE  USA Veterans
1:30 p.m.                     Lunch

2:15 p.m.                     USA #3 vs. Scotland (1)                     Russia vs. Toronto (3)

                                    USA #1 vs. Korea (5)                         USA Veterans vs. USA #4 (2)

                                    Ottawa #2 vs. Nova Scotia (6)           USA #2 vs. Ottawa #1 (4)

BYE  Maritime Ontario                      BYE Quebec

8:00 a.m.                     Nova Scotia vs. USA #1 (3)               Ottawa #1 vs. USA Veterans (6)

                                    Korea vs. Maritime Ontario (2)           Quebec vs. Toronto (4)

                                    Ottawa #2 vs. USA #3 (5)                  USA #2 vs. USA #4 (1)

                                    BYE Scotland                                     BYE Russia

11:15 a.m.                   Maritime Ontario vs. USA #1 (6)       Ottawa #1 vs. USA #4 (5)

                                    Scotland vs. Ottawa #2 (2)                 Quebec vs. Russia (1)

                                    Nova Scotia vs. Korea (4)                   USA #2 vs. USA Veterans (3)

                                    BYE  USA 3                                       BYE  Toronto

1:30 p.m.                     Lunch

 2:45 p.m.                     Korea vs. Scotland (5)                        Toronto vs. USA #4 (1)

                                    USA #3 vs. Nova Scotia (6)               Quebec vs. Ottawa #1 (2)

                                    Ottawa #2 vs. Maritime Ontario (3)   Russia vs. USA Veterans (4)

                                    BYE USA #1                                      BYE USA #2

5:30 p.m.                     Dinner


7:45 a.m.                     USA #1 vs. Ottawa #2 (1)                  USA #4 vs. Russia (3)

                                    Maritime Ontario vs. USA #3 (4)       Toronto vs. USA #2 (6)

                                    Scotland vs. Nova Scotia (2)              USA Veterans vs. Quebec (5)

                                    BYE  Korea                                        BYE  Ottawa #1
11:15 a.m.                   Finals

                                    Gold Medal Game (3)

                                    Bronze Medal Game (4)

                                    #5 vs. #6 (2)

                                    #7 vs. #8 (5)

                                    #9 vs. #10 (1)

                                    #11 vs. #12 (6)

1:45 p.m.                     Lunch

2:15 p.m.                     Awards


The timing for all games will be 1 hour 50 minutes when a bell will be sounded. You will finish the end being played. If the previous end has been completed, the score agreed and the first stone of the next end is placed in position to be delivered you will play that end as the final end.  There are no time clocks being used but you are expected to play quickly and without undue delay.

Win = 2 points

Tie = 1 point (no extra ends)

Loss = 0 points

 Teams tied after the completion of the round robin and semi-finals will have their position in the standings decided as follows:

1st - By head to head game results.  If three teams are tied, and if one team

        defeated both of the other two, they would be first

2nd - Number of ends scored. A blank end counts as half an end for each team

3rd - Total points scored

4th – Coin flip

 Teams ranked 13th and 14th after the round robin do not qualify for the Final ranking games.

Past Results

2006                2007                            2008                    2009                   2010

Gold-USA #1 Gold-Great Britain      Gold-USA#1      Gold-USA #1     Gold-USA #1

Silver-Norway             Silver-Ottawa      Silver-Ottawa     Silver-USA #2

                        Bronze-USA #1          Bronze-Bradford Bronze-USA #2 Bronze-Bradford

 2011                            2012                            2013

Gold-Quebec              Gold-Quebec              Gold-Scotland

Silver-Ottawa              Silver-Korea                Silver-Russia

Bronze-Bradford        Bronze-Scotland         Bronze-USA


Russia wins 2014 Canadian Open

6th Annual International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel - 2012 Canadian Open

1st place - Russia

2nd Place - Scotland

3rd place - Canada


It was reported that Jim Armstrong had not attended this event. This was reported wrong as we can all see. It is understood that Canada was doing a series of line up changes during the event in prep for the upcoming world championships and thus why Jim may not have been see playing as much.

As we can all see by the picture above Jim did lead Team Canada during the event and is well.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

RCD 2014 Canadian Open: UPDATE!

6th Annual International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel - 2012 Canadian Open

Sorry for the delay in updating. Team Canada seems to being doing well without their Skip Jim Armstrong, as the lead the bonspiel tied with Russia undefeated!

Date change; London Wheelchair Curling 2 on 2 Wheelchair Cash$piel NOW Feb. 14, 2015

London Wheelchair Curling
2 on 2 Wheelchair Cash$piel
on Saturday, February 14, 2015

at Welland Curling Club, 497 King St, Welland , ON     L3B 3K4
Competitive Teams...The first 12 teams that register and pay the entry fee.

Entry fee...$120/team ($60/player). 

Prize for first place                                                   $500

Prize for second place                                            $200

Prize for third place                                                 $100

6 Ends, 6 rocks per end.  Time limit on game...1 hr

Meals available.


Team Name:
Team Contact Name:
Player 1 Name:
Player 2 Name:

Please make the cheque payable to London Wheelchair Curling and mail to:

Tony Reynen

PO 2826, St Marys, ON  N4X1A5
Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at:

Tel: 519 284-4337519 284-4337

2 Person Stick Curling Rules, Wheelchair

1. Each team is comprised of two Curlers.  With no sweeping or brushing, a four-member team would often have two people inactive. This way, everyone is always occupied, either delivering or skipping. Teams are easier to form and coordinate.

2. One member of each team stays at each end of the rink, and must not cross center ice (except as provided for in Rule 9).  This reduces movement up and down the ice, and increases the pace of the game. It also means responsibilities are equally shared by the two team members, and provides variety for each player.

3. No sweeping/brushing.

4. Each stone must be delivered by hand or with a curling / delivery stick, from a sitting (in a wheelchair) position.

5. All stones must be released with in 0.457m (18in) from the centre line and before the stone reaches the hog line.  

6. The two delivering Curlers alternately deliver six stones each per end, while their teammates skip that end. Then roles are reversed.  Each player is always occupied, doing something interesting. 18 stones are delivered per person each game, compared to 16 (8 ends) or 20 (10 ends) in regular curling.

7. The first three stones delivered in an end may not be removed from play before delivery of the fourth stone of that end. If that happens, the delivered stone is removed from play and all other stones are returned to their original position.  With fewer stones used, and fewer ends, the stick game tends to be more defensive than the regular game. This rule makes the game offensive, thus more interesting for competitors and fans. The “in play area” is the area from the hog line to the back line.

8. Each team may call a maximum of two one minute time outs (and meet at center ice) during a game. During an extra end, one additional time out is allowed. Each a time out is called, the opposing team may consult near center ice at the same time.   This allows for team member consultation during a game.

9. All games are six ends. In case of a tie, an extra end is played, with each player delivering 3 stones (skips and deliverers exchange roles at the midpoint of an extra end without moving the delivered stones).  In the event the extra end is a blank, another end is played using the extra end format.

10. Other rules and etiquette of regular curling apply.  The good parts of the regular game are retained!  It is not a rule but  participants  should be advised that one hour is sufficient to play the game.   In addition it should  be confirmed whether the allocated time of one hour will include the time taken for time outs.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

RCD 2014 Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel

6th Annual International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel - 2012 Canadian Open

 finished  Draw 1, and here is the result. The Round Robin will have 9 draws, until Sunday morning, then followed by the Play-Offs starting at 11:30 a.m. at the Richmond Curling Club. The game this evening between Team Scorpions (Korea) and Team Alberta was very exciting, and Team Scorpions won the game by 1 point.



Russian wheelchair curling team named for North American tour

Russian wheelchair curling team named for North American tour

Flag of Russia
Earlier today, the Russian Paralympic Committee announced the wheelchair curling team selected to participate in a North American tour.  The curlers are Andrey Smirnov, Oksana Slesarenko, Alexander Shevchenko, Constantine Kurokhtin, Marat Romanov, and Svetlana Pakhomova.

The first stop for the team will be Richmond, Canada from November 20 to 23, where they will play in a tournament against Scotland, Canada, South Korea and Canadian club teams.  The team will then be off to Ottawa for the Cathy Kerr International Bonspiel.  From there, the team goes to Utica, New York for the US Open from December 5 to 7.

The team won a silver medal at the 2014 Winter Paralympics, losing out on gold to Canada. Smirnov, Shevchenko, Pakhomova, Romanov and Slesarenko were all part of that team, and the team that took gold at the 2012 World Wheelchair Curling Championship. Forty-one year old Smirnov is from the Sverdlovsk region. Forty-eight year old Romanov  is from the Chelyabinsk  region. Forty-nine year old Pakhomova is from Moscow. Forty-three year old Shevchenko is also from Moscow.  Forty-four year old Slesarenko is from Sverdlovsk.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Bonspiel Athletes Roster

 6th Annual International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel - 2012 Canadian Open

Bonspiel Athletes Roster

(In alphabetical order of first name)


Team Alberta  

                        Anne Hibberd

                        Bridget Wilson 

                        Bruno Yizek

                        Jack Smart

Team BC

                        Alison Duddy

                        Ellis Tull

                        Frank LeBounty

                        Vince Miele

Team Canada

                        Dennis Thiessen

                        Ina Forrest

                        Jim Armstrong

                        Mark Ideson

                        Sonja Gaudet

                         Joe Rea & Wayne Kiel (Coaches)

 Team Graves - Edmonton

                        Dave Graves

                        Marie Laframboise

                        Linda Robinson

                        Shawna Walsh

                        Dave Graves (Coach)

 Team Kuchelyma - Edmonton

                        Don Kuchelyma

                        Mike McMullan

                        Warren Fleury

                        Wendy Frazier

Team Oregon - USA

                        Bill Gray

                        Bob MacDonald

                        Robin Resnick

                        Samantha Siu

                        Stephen Hart

                         Arnie Iwanick (Coach)

 Team Petrie

                        Darryl Neighbour

                        Gary Cormack

                        Jodie Fisher

                        Shauna Petrie

 Team Russia

                        Alexander Shevchenko

                        Andrey Smirnov

                        Konstantin Kurokhtin

                        Marat Romanov

                        Oxana Slesarenko

                        Svetlana Pakhomova

                         Anton Batugin (Coach)

Team Scorpions – Korea

                        Deuk Hwa Cho

                        Hyang Lan Choi

                        Hyeon-Ja Kim

                        Ki-Woon Song

                        Kil Woo Park

                         Kang-Hwa KIM (Coach)

 Team Scotland

                        Aileen Neilson

                        Angie Malone

                        Gregor Ewan

                        Jim Gault

                        Robert McPherson

                         Tony Zummack (Coach)



Thursday, 13 November 2014

RCD presents 8th International Wheelchair Bonspiel



6th Annual International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel - 2012 Canadian Open

RCD presents 8th International Wheelchair Bonspiel
– 2014 Canadian Open November 19 - 23, 2014

From November 19 to 23, 2014 the RCD will be hosting its 8th annual wheelchair curling bonspiel tournament – 2014 Canadian Open. 

We have 10 teams in the bonspiel this year; and we will be able to see the top wheelchair curling teams in the world competing, including the 3 medal winning teams from the 2014 Sochi Paralympics. 

  • Team Alberta
  • Team BC
  • Team Canada
  • Team Graves (Edmonton)
  • Team Kuchelyma (Edmonton)
  • Team Oregon (USA)
  • Team Petrie (Toronto)
  • Team Russia
  • Team Scorpions (Korea)
  • Team Scotland

For more information go to http://www.rcdrichmond.org/NewsAndEvents/Bonspiel/2014Bonspiel/BonspielWriteUp.php

or contact Vince Miele Chair, RCD 604-341-3961 or Ella Huang Executive Director RCD 604-232-2404