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Monday, January 23, 2012

51st Annual OVCA Mixed Bonspiel UPDATE

Team Cameron & the 7 ender\
The 51st Annual OVCA Mixed Bonspiel is int he books. We saw two wheelchair teams compete in the seven team recreational division, Team Fraser and Team Cameron. All seven teams played four six end games with the top two teams  going on to A division finals and the three and four place teams competing for B division honours. After losing their first game Team Cameron went on to win three in a row which placed them second and a spot in the A division final. Team Fraser did not make the playoffs.

In the last end of game three, with the opponents laying two, Doug Morris, who throws fourth stones, made a perfect run back double, spilling both opposition rocks allowing Team Cameron to score seven. A feat in wheelchair curlign no less prestigious then the elusive eight ender even more so when we speak of taking 7 against an AB team..

In the A division final it was Team Cameron versus Team Beauchamp, a re-match of game one.

Although this game was much closer and better curled than the first encounter, Team Cameron was on the short end of the 5 - 3 score, settling for second place overall in the recreational division.

 The Blog wants to congratulat Team Cameron on a great showing and wish them best at the Ontario provinicals in the upcoming week or so.

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