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Friday, January 6, 2012

Jack Smart - New Team Canada Alternate

Change for Team Canada - Say good bye to Bruno and hello to Jack!

As Canada perpares for world championships in CHUNCHEON CITY, GANGWON PROVINCE , SOUTH KOREA.

Canada changes the line up, even if only a small change it does make a change. Jack Smart will be joining the established team from the Vancouver Paralympic Gold Medal team of skip Jim Armstrong, third Darryl Neighbour,second Ina Forrest, lead Sonja Gaudet and coach(s) Joe Rea, Wendy Morgan.

Although it maybe a surprise to some it may be a start to the development of a new team some where down the road post 2014. Jack steps in for Bruno a 2 year vet of the spot and Bruno we can only spectulate would move down the line. This would then have us wonder were 2010 National Champion skip Chris Sobkowicz fits into the mix.

Jack will bring a well rounded addition to the spot, basically being able to fill any postiion should it be needed. Long time third for Bruno and an accomplished skip himself; Jack has to be proud of the work it has taken to reach this international stage.

The question will remain for those which were involved in a seris of development camps, who may be next or will Jack settle in for the long term?

Only time and results will tell.

Updates including a full teams lists, and schedule for Gangwon will be posted by the end of the weekend.

Congratulations Jack and Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Jack is a ------- which should never be allowed on Team Canada. What about so many other players who have better skills than him. Wow! Who is kissing whose ----- now!

Tim S. said...

What ever happen to the great CCA selection camps we all heard about. I was at the one in Richmond with guys like Cormack, Frank and even Daw was there. What ever happen to those guys all proven.

Jack Smart selected, wow who climb up Joe's ---. Wow, what next?

Wait Randy ferby is close to being done, maybe he will replace Jim when he retires.

What happen to Jim tell his side of the story about his criminal conviction whihc now follows Canada?

Waybe F said...

Jack will make a good addition to this team, he is good enough to play 1st second or third and I believe is a team player. As far as Chris goes he has now proved he can play at an elite level as a skip and who knows maybe he and Jack might find a connection like Jim and Darryl??.
Like it or not, any position on team Canada is not a given and team members will always face someone like me or you gunning for their job. Until that time keep up the good work.
Good luck Jack and Chris.

Anonymous said...


Interesting points but Team Canada is as solid as it come until they don't want to be Team Canada anymore.

The only spot whihc is up, which now seems fixed was alternate.

To bad we are like this but it is a fact and until 2014 no one else has a chance in Canada past, present or futre players.

We are all going to have to wait until 2015 to see any major changes and that will depend on retirements.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree that Jack is a well rounded player and brings a team mentality with him rather than a huge ego. He's worked hard to get his position on the team, it wasn't just handed to him and he has a legitimate handicap to boot. Sounds like there may some sour grapes out there by some that have been passed over.