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Monday, January 16, 2012

Manitoba and Northern Ontario Exhibition Games


It was a great pleasure to hear about a few exhibition games which occurred between Team Manitoba and Team Northern Ontario this past weekend. In preparation for defending his Northern Ontario title Wayne Ficek took his new team into a series of exhibition games against Team Manitoba.
As we know Wayne has had to reformulate his team a little since his long time third Mark Wherrett moved back to Manitoba. Three games occurred on the weekend and although the outcomes of those games all went to Team Manitoba the opportunity to get a few competitive games in was just what Team Northern Ontario needed before heading off to defend their Northern title.

With a new lead, coupled with a few other changes to teams in the north, the upcoming right to represent the NOCA should be hotly contented.
National Championships occur in from March 18  to March 25 in Thunderbay with representation from 10 provinces allowing for the drop of the HOST team equation .


Mark W said...

Congratulations to the recipients of the Quest for Gold athlete assistance program. I was pleased to see the are now having the award go to the north and south programs. Atta boy Wayne. Denise Sweet two years in a row. Chris and Shauna best wishes for a great performance at Provincials.

Anonymous said...

Mark..what was the starting lineup with Manitoba, with 6 players?