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Friday, January 20, 2012

National Championships Finally reaches a goal!

After so many years of development and work throughout the country I am happy to announce that this year at the National Wheelchair Curling Championships being held in Thunder Bay, Ontario we have reached 10 different provincial team representatives.

Mike Fitzgerald
The National Championships started in 2004 being held in Toronto, Ontario and 7 years later we finally have a full ten provinces sending teams.  At its lowest point the National Championships saw only 4 teams compete from 2 provinces.  Now with former Nova Scotia Skipper, Mike Fitzgerald relocating to New Brunswick it was confirmed today by the CCA that New Brunswick will have representation at this year’s National Championships.
No team members for any teams have been officially announce; primarily because play downs in most provinces are just starting but Danny Lamoureux from the CCA was able to confirm we have finally met our goal of 10 representing provinces.

Welcome to the big show New Brunswick, good luck on the National Stage!

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