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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Poll this week..Vote Now!

In repsonse to a few emails (30 or so); this weeks poll ask one of the hard topic again.

How do you think Team Canada should be picked?

We have offered a few suggestions based off old postings but mainly on some 30 emails asking me to post this question. For those of you who have a different idea other than that sugeested; I ask you to please select OTHER, than email you suggestion to me at chris@chrisdaw.ca.

Than next week when I post the results (if any received) I will post out the new suggestions.

Reults of last weeks poll shall come out in a posting later today!

VOTE NOW! Should be interesting the last one was.


Anonymous said...

People voting for the National winner representing Canada are dreaming. CCA will not expose their Select Team to a sudden death game.

You can be a ton better team, but you will have the odd bad end, and thus, a bad result.

BUT, you have to prevent a series of bad results. Therefore, I strongly suggest we support a best of five Challenge. It is the only way we start to develop some competitive accountability.

We cannot argue with Canada's results of late, so Ottawa says "why change" , and they are right. UNLESS we have two or three Canadian teams that can win internationally....

GIVE US A SHOT, OTTAWA.....A best of five challenge cannot be so terrifying, can it?

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would suggest that the National Team be the team that wins the Nationals. Include the current National Team and if they win, I can live with that. However, should they lose, then those players that are currently on the National Team, will then have to go back to being a part of their Provincial playdowns, having to compete just like the rest of us. This would create an level playfield for everyone.

Anonymous said...

The first blogger has it right. Let's be realistic It is difficult to move Ottawa when a bunch of funding comes from winning.

Give their Select Team a challenge from the National winner in a series of even best of three....let the winner represent Canada the following year.

Anonymous said...

The National winner representing Canada is a dream....We do not have the depth to assure that a provincial team can be competitive on the international stage. Not even B.C. these days.

Have the national winner tackle Team Canada in a series.

I would bet the house on Team Canada.

Any takers?