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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pat “O” Reid Bonspiel Results - Updated (Jan.11/11)

Pat “O” Reid Bonspiel Results

In what could be the precursor to the Ontario provincials at the end of the month; today was the Pat “O” Reid Memorial Bonspiel held at the Toronto Skating & Cricket club.

With two 8 end games up for grabs in a “most points, most wins” format their where 4 competitive teams on the ice today. In the first set of games we saw Team Ilderton (Ideson) vs. Team Bradford (Gregory) and Team Ottawa (Cameron) vs. Team Toronto (Rees)

Note: Due to illness and an absence Team Ilderton  (Ideson) is only playing with three members



Team Ilderton


Team Bradford


Team Ottawa

Team Toronto


 Important Summary Notes:

In the Ilderton vs. Bradford game we saw Gregory take 1 in the first end. Then in the second end facing 7, yes I said 7; Ideson made a tick tap back to save the end and get 1. After that it seems Gregory was unable to recover or score and finishes the game in 6 ends - 13 to 1 for Ideson from the Ilderton Curling Club


Team Ilderton


Team  Ottawa


Team Toronto


Team Bradford


 Important Summary Notes:
In much closer matched games this afternoon we saw a battle for what could be the finals at the Ontario Provincials in just 3 weeks time between Ilderton and Ottawa.  (Update) In the 8th end, Ideson needs to guard to prevent Cameron winning the game . Cameron who thows 3rd stones, calls for Morris to throw the hit.  Doug Morris who throws 4th stones needs a nose hit against three but hit and rolled too far giving up two to Ilderton for the win. (Thanks to Bruce Cameron for the update on exact play - It was also noted from Bruce that having him thorw 3rd stones and Doug 4th is now a permant decision.)

In the Toronto vs. Bradford game we saw a very close game until the last end were Rees being down 1 ends up getting 4 for the win 7 to 4 over Bradford.

Well played by the all the teams!!!!!

Mark Iderson

Bonspiel Competitive Wheelchair Division WINNER - Team Ilderton (Ideson) – Mark Ilderson (skip) Tony Reynen and Shannon Wilcox

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