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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ok, so let me lay to rest any questions here. I wanted to continue some great work started by Eric Eales and his website www.wheelchaircurling.com.

I am trying to continue the information sharing which we the wheelchair curler needs. I do not profess at all that this blog is by any means going to stand up to a standard which Eric started by I just felt and for that matter read that allot of wheelchair curlers out there wanted this type of site to continue.

So with that I am asking for ALL of your help!!!!

I will post all information sent into to me at chris@chrisdaw.ca but please make no mistake I will not be doing continuous research so the success of this site will depend on everyone. I will make the best effort possible to find - then post information as I know it but will need your help.

So let's make the community we started continue.

As for comments; I will let ALL comments within reason be posted. No foul language and other common sense rules but I really don't care if you put your name to it or not. Freedom of speak and all that. If a comment post becomes questionable then parts of the comment will be posted and other parts blanked out.

Let's continue to build on the works that Eric started. I know his passion for the sport still stands.....

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