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Sunday, February 26, 2012



As you may have heard we got hacked and having been dealing with being able to get back online over the last 3 days.

The timing could not have been worse but we are back. We have pressed charges and the law is dealing with the hacker.

Tomorrow morning we will provide an update on the already known; Russia won Worlds!

We will provide highlights from the 2012 Parasport games in Huntsville which took place over the weekend.

And few other things!

Again we deeply apologize to everyone who thinks we attacked thing, IT WS NOT US!

We apologize for any article or foul language printed.

We apologize to our readers, Team Canada, The WCF, the CCA , our partners and everyone else. We have invested in new equipment, better security, new server and much, much more so we can continue to provide you the best wheelchair curling coverage possible.

Please send those links, stories or results back in we will get them online!

Thanks for the support and understanding during this difficult time



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