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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Call for Volunteer & Sponsors for the 2012 National Championships

The national championship are just around the corner, Dave Kawahara;coach of the NOCA rep - Team Leveqsue was  interviewed by Shaw TV. The Canadian Nationals will take place at the  Fort William CC in  Thunder Bay from March 18-25.

In the interview Dave makes a plea not only for volunteers but for sponsorship surrounding the event. The event will host 10 provinicals teams looking to capture the title of which 7 team are all new.

Dave also mentions that in cooperation with the CCA that the event will be LIVE streaming all games. However; the WC@BLOG2 sources have heard that this may not be occuring. We do know that live coverage of the event will be occuring with more information on that in the weeks to follow. We also know that there may be live streamign of 1 game we are reserving our comments on if all games will have coverage at this time.

Watch the video below and stay tuned here for annoucement regarding National coverage and partnerships in the next few weeks.

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