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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The dawn of a new day!

In life we all get faced with challenges and yesterday were no different for those at the worlds and me here at home. Yet today is a day of celebration again both at worlds and here at home.
Let’s recap 24 hours and how things can change so much!

The fate of all ten teams laid in their own hands yesterday and although each game is more than worth mentioning I would like to focus on Canada. This morning we woke and we know who is in what place for the majority of the teams. Korea, Russia, China and new comers Slovakia all have yet to determine their fate but have made playoffs.
The USA after a strong start ends up in 5th. Then we need to look at the rest of the pact. We know clearly Norway and Italy finished at the end of the pack; 9th and 10th. These 2 teams will need to head to Finland and play in qualifiers.

Canada, Scotland and Sweden have finished in the middle of the pack with Canada finishing 7th based solely on the head to head match against Sweden. If they had beat Sweden they would have had looked at 6th but end in 7th. A good finish for a team which basically had “Murphy’s law” rule; Canada did so many things right but had so much go against them. To start and before the tournament started, Jim Armstrong was call home for personal reasons. This alone would have had most teams run and hide.  No skip and they are done but not Canada. Then Darryl Neighbour third and respective replacement skip should anything happen to Jim falls ill and that would leave 4; Four players to figure out the what and how.

Long time lead Sonja Gaudet step up and hits a home run as skip against Scotland 8 – 2, Incredible under the circumstances. I mean think about it. The biggest stage in the world, never really skipped before and you hammer your long time rival Scotland.
Then a few games, which honestly at any point could have gone Canada’s way, one end here or there and a different story. Then facing relegation and taking on the USA, you win. Speaks for this team, speaks for the back bone each player has. Did they do the best they could have? No, we know that but give credit where credit is due.

So today is a day for them to celebrate and look forward to the future. No relegation, off to Russia they go to claim what they have had in the past.
As for me here at the blog, again I apologize to all for the article yesterday. An article which has had repercussions for me. The site was hacked and someone found the need to attack me and what I am doing. Attack what little I had built in faith and belief. Why? Well that does not matter now, the damage is done and I not you have to live with that. Today I will celebrate. Celebrate the birth of my daughter Arowyn who is 2 and try to rebuilt what if anything is left.  Many things in life are not certain but yesterday I found one that was for sure and I am dealing with that today.

Canada comes home in a few days and a new champion will be crown.  Then Canada as a whole looks to National championships to crown our own champion.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did not see the hack article, but you are right, Chris....absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Good on Team Canada in staving off relegation.

Let's hope this unfortunate result prompts the powers that be to re-work the system.

Let's select the next skip after Jim, and let Jim have as much time as possible to work with him under competition conditions.

As for this Blog.....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK....