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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ideson steals way to finals!

In a battle that could have gone either way, Mark Ideson from the Iderton Curling Club in Ilderton, Ontario has made it to the finals of the OCA wheelchair playdowns.

Mark Ideson and Mark Munroe are both players in the National pool and play with Tony Reynen of St. Marys and Shannon Wilcox of London. Coach Ernie Comerford is delighted the team has done so well in such a sort time. They team defeated Bruce Cameron of Ottawa after Cameron seemed to have the finals spot in hand. Ideson stole 2 in the 7th end to get close and then fate seemd to call his name as he stole 2 more to capture a spot in tomorrows final.

Team Rees, is the only team with a prfect record after round robin and has been playing with only 3 players over the last 2 days due to illness of their skipper.

Can the fairy tale expereince continue for both teams, we hope so but only 1 team can curl their way to a natioanl spot in Thuder bay in March.

Game goes at 10am. Good luck to both Teams!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The National and World rules dictate you have to play with four and one has to be opposite gender, correct? Why is a province allowing only 3 to compete?