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Friday, February 3, 2012

OCA Final - Ideson WINS!

Mark Ideson & Mike Munroe


The final game on the final day of the OCA wheelchair playdowns sees Team Rees (5-0) go up against Team Ideson (4-1).

Their are 2 stories here but none more interesting then that of Team Rees who has been playing the last few games without Skip Chris Rees due to illness. We got a question as to why as team can play with 3 when the rules state you MUST start with 4. Well; our answer (unknown fact) is that Tom Ward, OCA representative must be allowing it. Often in wheelchair curling things like this happen and low and behold the provinical body has the right to allow things, so we can only assume that this issue has been discussed and permitted. Events sometimes have a pool of players to draw from in case of injury or illness but in all my years of wheelchair curling I can only remember 2 events to which this was a fact and I am not sure those players have ever been utilized.

Chris Rees    
1 0 0 0 0 x x x
Mark Ideson
0 3 5 1 4 x x x

Team Rees


Anonymous said...

Now that is a spanking....Congratulations on your first provincial championship.

Who do they take as a fifth to Canadians? Time to get back to the National stage?

George H Wpg said...

Congrates on your win look forward to seeing you in Thunderbay GH

Ernie Comerford said...

I am proud to announce that the Ilderton Wheelchair Curling squad of Mark Ideson, Mike Munro, Tony Reynen and Shannon Wilcox have won the ontario Championships and have earned the right to represent Ontario at the National Curling Championships in Thunder Bay in mid-March. They defeated the reigning Ontario Champions by a wild score of 15 to 1 in six ends.

Also players Gilbert Balnchette, Jacqui Kinahan, Dal Wrigley(Toronto) and Katie Paialunga (Ottawa) did incredibly well.

Congratulations tp all of you.

Ernie Comerford
Coordinator London Wheelchair Curling League

Anonymous said...

Who are you taking as your fifth, Ernie?

I imagine Chris Daw and Jim Armstrong are both available, and eligible fro Team Ontario.

Eric Eales said...

In 2009 Gary Cormack's team unexpectedly won their BC provincial and took their championship opponent Darryl Neighbour, then 3rd on Team Canada, as their 5th.

Gary and Darryl had close ties so it was not a surprising choice. However, even though Darryl initially expected to play a major role, and did make some appearances for the team during the Nationals, he remained the 5th player in the final as had been discussed and agreed by his team before he was invited.

I'm sure Jim would have more respect for the spirit of the game than to accept an invitation to be 5th, and I am sure that any team coached by Ernie Comerford would have more respect than to invite someone not involved in the provincial championship.

Anonymous said...

Eric repsectfully to your comments. This is a national championship and Ernie would be an idiot not to ask either Daw or Armstrong to join. Both these guys have knowledge, both can thorw a great stone. Even Daw today plays very well. I saw him not long along working with the current Korea team and he was playing 4 of them by himself and he spanked them 8-1 in 6 ends. Ask Don Swann.

I have no idea why either of these guys are not playing provinicals or been picked up.

Jim maybe due of Worlds but Daw no idea. Regardless of what Chris has done in the past he is a legend and asset to the sport which is just laying idol. Why? Any team would be at the top with him.

I know for a fact that Canada may not want him but other countries do; like korea, italy, and others he has been coaching. Even Jim saw him as an assest when they played togther.

Why did these 2 not get togther no team at the playdowns would have had a chance.

Chris come clean and tell us why? Tell us what you have bene up to?

Anonymous said...

I agree Ernie and that team would be an idoit not to grab jim or chris. both these guys would be the difference between winning national or not. a rookie team with the opportunity to grab that type of assest would be dumb.i would not worries about feelings and more about winning a national title. i mean honestly would you not take chris or jim over one of the other players from ilderton including the female option. this is a no brainer guys. think winning and ask one of those guys.
Be smart and think win