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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Petrofac Aberdeen City Open

Twenty-four teams will compete in the 2012 Petrofac Aberdeen City Open which begins tomorrow at Curl Aberdeen. The event has its own blog, see here, where results will be posted. The teams will play in two sections, as noted here.

My long time friend Murray Cran and his crew are playing in the Blue action!

The Petrofac Aberdeen City Open is the last competition in the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour for this season. The Tour has so far encompassed competitions at Dumfries, Braehead, Forfar, Inverness and Stirling. The leaderboard is here. Kyle Smith's team is in the draw for Aberdeen and has the Galbraith trophy, and the £2000 that goes to the Tour winners, in its sights.

What of the future of the Scottish Curling Tour, and for open curling? I asked organiser Gavin Fleming for his thoughts. His answer was concise, "We are delighted by the way the SCT has been received this season and are confident that the tour will be bigger and better next season." Details will no doubt become apparent in due course.

Here are a few pictures from the event of Murray in action!

Murray Cran explains to Ian what shot he should have played!

Photos from: Skip Cottage Curling
Mr. Joss

L-R: Evelyn Cran, Allan Spence, Craig Carter and Murray Cran
Well done folks!

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