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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quebec playdowns occur Feb. 24-26, 2012


Quebec provincials will be held from Feb 24th to 26th,

Team Lessard is hoping of its third representation. 2 teams will be playing off for the chance to represent at the Nationals in Thunder Bay.

Johanne Daly shared the following” They thought that a new team was born in Trois-Rivières city, but a missing player couldn't get them to complete a team.   These three players joined the Victoria's curling Club team in Québec city and were added to the existing team, this one having lost a few players.

We will be posting on our blog results while the provincial, so everybody can follow us.  If only two teams present, what we expect, then games will be a 3 of 5, starting then on Feb 25th to 26th.   Then we should play two games on Saturday and depending results, if we were winning those, the rest would be plaid Sunday.  Wish we'll be repeating last year's sweep with a perfect file of 3 wins. 

It would be great to see a third team for next year's provincial !!”

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Anonymous said...

What provinces have not declared?

Has Manitoba had a playdown?

Anonymous said...

I sent to comments in yesterday about other provinces not having playdowns and another one for about the topic of you getting a consideration from team Canada. I believe they were fair comments, so why are you not posting them.

Anonymous said...

Qustion for Chris D. You don't post all comments, especially the ones you don't like or disagree with. Otherwise, why not post the comments about other prov. organizations who don't have playdowns, not just Manitoba, unless you too are a MB hater. I was hoping for some change with this blog, but you too seem to be a MB hater just as Eric was. Too bad, it looks like I'll just stick to talking to the people who are actually involved in the sport to find out stuff and not rely on biased coverage. Sask. hasn't had playdowns. What is so hard to post that. Whatever. This will be the last comment I post.

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

Ok Reader let me answer your question:

WHAT? Have you read the comment on here!

I have posted almost every comment sent in including the one's about me. When I started this blog in pursuit of continuing what Eric had started I made that statement that I would publish.

What I CAN NOT publish is foul language and sladererous comments. There are rules even on the internt about that.

And as for being a MB hater, I don't think so. Fact is that I call Chris Sob., Dennis and the crew friends. What they do int he province is news and I report the news, trying to leave personal opinion out of it.

And finally; why do I not report anything on other provinices? I report on everything! Everything I can find and everything that is submitted. I can not call every provinice to find out or report on what they are doing. I have always said and continue to say SUBMIT the information and it will get printed! You help make this blog! If you don't submit or send in were to look I can not print it.

I ask you to please sight were I have not printed a comment? I ask you to please tell me what story I did not print that I or the public KNEW about?

Please be fair in this becuase; and I can prove this; I go above and beyond the call of need to make sure people and players like you get the news and results; ALL the news and ALL the results and even ALL the comments even if they are about me.

I invite you to post more comments and submit stories becuase sir or miss I have no idea what you are tlakign about!

Anonymous said...

I sent to comments in yesterday about other provinces not having playdowns and another one for about the topic of you getting a consideration from team Canada. I believe they were fair comments, so why are you not posting them.

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

I did not publish them becuase I NEVER recieved them.

If I had I would have published!

I invite you to resend them in or email them direct to me at wcblog2@chrisdaw.ca and they will be published.

NOTE: To all readers, things like this happen. The interent is not faultless! Sometimes if you don't see a comment just try sending it in a again or ask WHY! With the moderation that is needed if you don't put in the post correctly it NEVER makes it to me.

Trust my reader I have NO PROBLEM posting submission on other provinices people want to know and as for posting on TEam Canada NO PROBLEM what so ever trust me.

I am sure your comments were fair, no doubt but if I don't get them I can not publish. And from the fact that I have gotten 2 comments from you now it shows that something must have got wrong in the first set of submission.

I am sorry but I don't have control over comments that don't make it to us.

Eric Eales said...

My advice would be for Chris to ignore comments from anyone without the courage to take ownership of their opinions.

Trolls, the anonymous parasites who feed off the work of others, crave attention. Without it, they die.