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Thursday, February 9, 2012

World Champhionships just around the corner.

The World Wheechair curling championships are just around the corner. The World Curling Federation (WCF) has set up an excellent site for us to all be able to follow along. World Championships are being held in  Chuncheon, South Korea; which is the first time the championships have been held in the Asia -Pacific zone. Most teams will be heading out in the next 2 or 3 days to allow for that "jet-lag" recovery time.

The last time I was in Korea was in 1988 for the Paralympics Games; it was a great country with a people which shown huge support for the games. These champioships should be no different if not better has the knowledge of persons with a disability has grown even in this country where information and education on matters like this topic is shelthered.

The WCF will be showing LIVE scores on the championship website which we will repost here on the W/C Blog.

Canada faces Italy righ out of the blocks and it should be a good one.  My close friend and top elite coach Daniel Rafal has been working with the team for some time now since his relocation under contract to Italy. We may better know Dan for his great work with CHINA in helping them become a curling super star country. It leads me to wonder why so many of Canada's top coaches are heading overseas for opportuniy?

 Let's all leave our comments of GOD LUCK to Jim and his team as they head over to try and capture a new World record in being the 3 peat winners of the WORLD WHEELCHAIR CURLING CHAMPIONSHIP!

Good Luck, Team Canada!

(L-R) Joe Rea, Jim Armstrong, Darryl Neighbour, Ina Forrest, Sonja Gaudet & Jack Smart
Wendy Morgan (Coach) - not shown


Anonymous said...

What is up with Team Canada? Coach Wayne Lyle of Saskatchewan has been asked to join the team in Korea. Has anyone else heard about this?

Anonymous said...

Could be a move by the CCA to find replace Joe Read and Wendy Morgan.

The rumours is that people are not to happy with REa and Morgan is looking to do something else as she is a higher level coach than Rea. Maybe Wendy may be able to step out of the shadow of REA and stop being his "babysitter" to keep him in check!

Bruce Cameron said...

This is not the first time Wayne has been involved at the CCA level. Last year when the CCA "travelling road show" put on high performance camps across the country Wayne was in fact part of the Team Canada group that put on the Ontario camp. Joe Rea was not at that camp but Wendy Morgan was.