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Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Canadian Championships Ready To Roll

Teams from 9 provinces were met by a large and excited welcoming committee at the airport in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Transportation is well organized and the host hotel - Valhalla Inn - is excited and accessible for all.

We had the opportunity to fly in with Team Prud'homme who were elated, relaxed and optimistic about their aspirations for a national challenge.

The host committee opened tonight with an interactive hospitality room where the teams had a great opportunity to mix and mingle, share a few stories and chat with us.  We shall be sharing our insight regarding the results of our "60 seconds with the Blog" in the next day or so.

First practice starts tomorrow.  Blog and live coverage will start Monday, March 19 starting at 1030 with Opening Ceremonies at 1400.

Rick Lang and daughter

Story by Trevor Kerr

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