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Monday, March 19, 2012

A little meet and greet - BC & Alberta

For a day or so now we have been talking about them but do we really know who they are? Let's have a little meet and greet with each of the teams and see what they had to say about their"60 seconds with the blog"

British Columbia 

Skip - G. Austgarden


Lead - C. Jensen                                  Lead - A. Duddy                                 Third - F. LaBounty
Second - E. Tull
Coach - K. Watson
We spoke with Skip Gery Austgarden and got his thougths on the following:

1. Draw or Hit?  - Hit
2. Down one with or Up one with out? - Up one without
3. Martin or Howard? - Martin
4. Stopwatch or Eyeball? - Stopwatch
5. Pale Ale or Lager? - Lager

Skip - B. Yizek

     Lead - A. Hibberd             Second - M. Purvis                  Third- J. Smart

   Alternate - B. Wilson         Coach - A. Jones 

We grabbed Coach Jones after his win this afternoon and asked him a few quick questions about him and the the team, let's watch his answers:


Laughie Rutt said...

Just got home and saw the line scores. You seem to be doing a fine job. Any chance of posting the shot percentages by players.
Nova Scotia is a bummer. No Mike. No me. and not performing yet. NFLD no better. Hoefully tomorrow is a better day.

Michael Fitzgerald said...

Today was no better Laughie. :(

I'd like to see a column in the shot percentages that mentions the length of delivery device the athlete is using. It seems like a lot have gone to using a lance instead of a stick.