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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A meet & greet with...Saskatchewan and Manitoba

In our continuation of the meet & greet format we wanted to introduce Saskatchewan and Manitoba tonight. Both teams have been playing well with Manitoba sittting on top of the leaderboard at this point in time of the tournament.


Skip - D. Bender

      Third - G. Dash                 Second - M. Wright             Lead - L. Schrader    
                                              Coach - L. Arguin              Coach - B. Capp

 We spent 60 Seconds with Skip, Darwin Bender and got a few thougths on the folling questions:

1. In Turn or Out turn? - Out
2. Hit & roll or Hit & Stick? - Hit & Roll
3. Freeze or Tap Back? - Freeze
4. Normal or Control? - Control
5. Pale Ale or Lager? Lager


Skip - D. Thiessen

    3rd - M. Wherret             2nd - M. Lecuyer        Lead - G. Horning              

Coach - R. Lamb                                                       Alternate - D. Kalinsky

We got a chance to chat with Dennis after his intense game with Alberta today and here is what he had to say:

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