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Friday, March 23, 2012

Video wrap Up - Thank you all

All week we have had some fun getting to know out 2012 Canadian Wheelchair Curling players a little better. We found a little more about who we play with and what they are like.

Just click on the link in each name to view the video on YOU TUBE

We spoke with:

Andy Jones, Team Alberta,

Rick Bell, Northern Ontario

Dennis Thiessen, Team Manitoba

Joanne McDonald, Team Newfoundland & Labrador

Terry & Steve from Team Nova Scotia

Tony & Mark from Team Ontario

Carl & Johanne from Team Quebec

Rick Prud'homme from the Host team

We also had a chance to speak with National Team Leader and Program Coach - Wendy Morgan

Wendy was here at the championships taking a look at the talent which these Championships has to offer.

Here are Wendy's Words:

Shown waving

So there is everyone in a nut shell, send us your feedbad like to see more video if you would like to see more video intros in the future.

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