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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Blog 2 Update and summer plans

 So as you all know we have seen a great success with the Blog 2 since we started in January. We have learned a lot and had a great success with our format. Have we made some mistakes, YES but nothing intentional and nothing we did not apologize for.

We also have had our fair share of  well people who did not want us to succeed. We had a hacker take over the site and cause;  well MAJOR issues for me and the blog but we hope you the readers understand we had no control and did everything we could to correct it.

We had the support and sponsorship of the CCA (Thank you) to head up to nationals to provide unprecedented coverage of this year’s event. During our week of live blog coverage we had over 47,000 readers that week; great numbers and great interest.

All of this is fantastic BUT the greatest problem we have experienced is a 2 fold problem - Personal attacks (which cross the line) and the Anonymous postings.

So the first problem is an easy one. Comes with the territory – I can accept that and for the most part so can the people which are sometimes attacked; although I still remain the most popular attack. (Wow, I hold a record again, LOL) The only thing about this is when we receive an average of 50 comments per day and we can only post about 4. Why; because they cross the line. The foul language is filtered out (for the most part) by us before we post but when the comment has more language than anything else; we cannot post.  Then the 2nd fold to the problem - when the comments cross the line and attack family; this should not happen regardless and verges often on slander. So I posted last week your opportunity to decide – Continue Anonymous posting or not? 
Well, the results are in. 45 votes – 13, yes with changes – 9 Yes with no changes and 23 – NO.
An interesting dilemma for us here at the blog right?

The clear answer WANT is to stop the practice of allow it but this is a problem. In the last blog by Eric Eales - he stopped the pratice and the fact is - once he stopped allowing it his readership died.
Also, if I want to be fair in the analysis the poll then we have to take a look at the total number of Yes’s versus No’s. When we make it that simple then we get -  23 No’s and 22 Yes’s.
So what to do? Well it is simple for now we will continue to allow readers to post Anonymous HOWEVER- all comments shall be fully filtered through 3 publishers from now on for content and consideration of posting. If 2 of the publishers feel the comment should not be posted then it won’t. Filtering of language will continue.

We need to do this -  not want to do this. So be nice and stay on subject. Remember, I want freedom of speech but need I will not allow it at any cost. If things don’t change then the Anonymous will be removed. Let’s work together to make sure that does not happen. So, let’s play fair in the sand box – OK!

On another note; and based of some great ideas the blog over the summer will be working with some notables in the sport to bring you a weekly Strategy, technical or equipment piece. I mean really it is only summer right?

The blog will be working with Bill Tschirhart from True North Curling, Dr. Jim Armstrong and a few others to bring you a few tips or tricks. We will be starting next week with drag effect which we all saw come into play this morning during Glen Howards win at a world’s over Scotland  when he took  4 in the 1 vs. 2 page play off.
 A pure example of Drag effect in action
So the build up is this. You are down 1 in the 9th with hammer. You are sitting 2nd shot. But Scotland sits 3rd and 4th -  Howard has hammer and makes a great shot!


Glen hits Scotlands stone at the top of eight which becuase of drag effect has that stone gentle rub shot stone in the four pushing it over - then the shooter spins back up to pushing 4th stone out to score 4.
Would you be able to make the shot? 

Let us know your interest in this idea…… and Thanks for your belief and support!


Anonymous said...

Why does the drag theory work?

Eric Eales said...

Just a quick correction, Chris.

When I stopped posting anonymous comments, the comments largely dried up.

However, the readership as defined by unique returning visitors per week, stayed the same unless there was a major championship, when they rose substantially.

If you have already reached 1,000 different people returning each week then you have made an impressive start to your blog.

Anonymous said...

As you point out, Eric killed his readership by banning anonymous comments. But I know of may who simply quit following his Blog, since if your opinion varied from his in ay substantial way, He simply refused to print it. I challenged him many times, and to no avail.

THAT is what killed his blog.

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

Just so everyone is clear, comments will be moderated starting on Monday by 3 person other than myself.

Northern Curler said...

Hello Chris, I like your idea of posting strategy ideas, new equipment and new techniques that are being used by other wheelchair curlers as this will only help the grass roots curlers become better curlers and force the elite curlers stay sharp at their game.

Northern Curler

Anonymous said...

I have to think that this type of forum would be ideal for the Team Canada Program to provide some insight.

Any chance Joe Rea would contribute?

Seems he is paid pretty well for the results of late.