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Monday, April 2, 2012

The continuation of Anonymous or not?



Since I began this blog one question more than any other has garnered more attention, with some readers having raised concerns about one issue in particular - the fact we allow visitors to post anonymous comments. This question now needs to be addressed by you – the reader and “anonymous” poster.
I allow it because I want people to feel free to leave comments without worry of perceived reprimand by who ever.

As of late the shield of Anonymous has taken on a shape on this blog which we have seen before – cruel, mean, slanderous and attacking in nature.
The attacks have been directed towards me mainly, with many questions as to why I should be given a shot at Team Canada or who do think I am and why  should I receive “special consideration” and the list goes on. I have seen many others attacked on here as well, Joe, Wendy , CCA, Jim, Bruce, Eric and so on.

Well, at this time I am left with few choices regarding a policy on this term – Anonymous.
So, to be fair to all I have created a POLL at the right side for all of you to answer.

Should the Blog 2 continue to allow Anonymous postings?*

And yes you did see a * at the end; which means a few rule changes to what will or will not be posted!
So, the poll will be simple –  No or  Yes with changes. Or YES no changes

I really don’t want to do it but far too many people are abusing the ability to post under the shield of Anonymous  for their personal want to attack.
So the * will reflect the following policy:

Should an individual(s) wish to post a comment on the Blog 2 that comment shall remain to be published at the discretion of the publisher.  Also; as prior policy should that comment has any foul language it shall not be published.
If the comment; at the discretion of the publisher consider to contain -  ill mannered, slanderous, libel, aspersion, backbiting, backstabbing, belittlement, black eye, calumny, defamation, depreciation, detraction, disparagement, lie, misrepresentation, muckraking, mud-slinging, obloquy,  scandalise, or a slam then that comment will not be posted.

I understand this may reduce the amount of comments which shall be submitted but I think it in the best interest of the sport and the blog that this policy be enacted.
I want to give you the reader the opportunity to not only vote on it but leave comment or suggestions on the policy.

VOTE NOW to have your say.


Anonymous said...

Do you really want to lose most of the commentary and the interest in your blog? You already have editorial priviliges so simply continue anonymous as an option and exercise some discretion if need be. Your vote should really be limited to yes or no - having the two yes options is not necessary and simply confuses things. Learn from Eric's experience. When he dropped the anonymity feature, it killed his blog. Like it or not, that's reality. Given that people fear repercussions from the CCA (with good reason and you should know that more than anyone), you should continue to encourage free expression and you can only do so by maitaining people's right to anonymity. If someone abuses that right/privilige, you simply don't post their comments (or you edit them as you have done previously).

Anonymous said...

Mr. Eales did slit his own throat. ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING, that flew in the face of his beliefs were NEVER posted.

Chris is doing his best to remain fair and open. I think he should use his own discretion on posting, and if it gets too overwhelming, ban "anonymous" completely and stick to reporting

Anonymous said...

Chris has been doing a great job with his blog. I would hate to see his readership diminish and people start contributing less should he remove the ability to post anonymously. Eric's blog died a slow death when he did the same thing. The answer is simple. Simply carry on, allow the postings but have the ability to edit the postings. While that is yes with changes on the survey, it's really the status quo. Carry on Chris, you're doing a great job. I've heard that Team Canada is going to be giving you a second look at that you'll be invited to their next training camp. Good for you, you deserve it! You can be the new Jim Armstrong as his time is now behind him. You're it!!!