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Saturday, April 7, 2012

National Capital Wheelchair Curling Club (NCWCC) completes another season!

The National Capital Wheelchair Curling Club (NCWCC) completed another successful season on March 17 on  the final day of  year with Pot luck lunch & theAnnual General Meeting of NCWCC .

The recreational curling session wraped up with 20 of the regular curlers particapating in this final day of the year.  On the competitive side team Team Cameron won a clean sweep of the All Star positions for both the Monday night league, and the Wednesday night league, which is comprised mostly of able  bodied curlers.  The Team Cameron took a clean sweep of the  trophies on both nights, in both leagues. 

Team Cameron are all wheelchair curlers of the National Capital Wheelchair Curling Club.

Top Lead Christine LavalleeTop Second Jamie EddyTop Third Bruce Cameron,

Top Skip Doug Morris 

The wheelchair curlering blog 2 wishes you a safe and healthy summer and hopes to see you on the ice in the fall.

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