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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strategy & Tactic cont’d

When we look at Shot Selection it should be a natural by-product of the various strategic decisions that have preceded it, and must be fully consistent with the particular strategy that is currently in place. The key area is about 4 ft. wide and extends to the T-line to a point 2 or 3 ft. in front of the rings. This is referred to as the “Traffic Zone”.

Now we understand traffic zone let’s talk about shot selection without last rock basics. The guiding principle of shot selection without last rock is to play INTO the traffic zone.

The wheelchair game has developed to the point where se commonly see 2 basic options for starting an end without last rock.

We either see a top-half draw or a center guard. We also need to remember that the common rule of thumb is that a wheelchair curler can (should) be able to throw a stone within 6 ft of a requested spot. This is the BEST we can hope for without sweeping – 6ft. With this in mind the standard rule also states that either the top-half draw or the center guard is considered our execution tolerance for the shot.

Those really are the basic to starting an end without last rock and from end to end do not change overall. Most of it is read and react to what is presented. So that leads us into shot selection with last rock. Well, a whole different story develops now. The typical 100 year thinking will tell us to play AWAY FROM the traffic zone to start.

So how do we respond to the typical opening set in a typical game?


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