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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Hooliganship Euro 2012 Pool!

It's that time again. Euro 2008, WC 2010... and now, presenting The Hooliganship Euro 2012 Pool!

How to play:

1. Go here and download the Excel doc (with Macros Enabled): http://bit.ly/HoolyEuro12

2. Check out the rules

3. Make your picks

4. Send Excel file to me by midnight ET Thursday (6am Friday CET): gk@thecurlingnews.com

5. Email $20 to Chad McMullan: cmcmullan@gmail.com

6. Pass this email on -- the more the merrier

7. Root for your teams/games from June 8 to July 1

8. If anyone is having trouble with the Excel, write down each game's winners + score (then just W/L in playoffs) and send it; we'll make sure you and your mates are in


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