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Friday, September 7, 2012

Armstrong & Team Canada updates

So we all know that Team Canada Skip (not x) has filed an appeal against his current suspension handed down by the WCF for a doping infraction. In speaking with Jim, he has experienced extensive delays regarding the outcome of the appeal which has been caused by the Olympic & Paralympic games.
What will the outcome be? Well, if we look at history including the Jeff Adams appeal on his suspension we can only hope that logic comes to the forefront and Team Canada can regain one of its most successful players.

So where does that leave the current Team Canada program. As we understand it now, we see between 8 and 11 of Canada's top hopefuls looking to make the team this year. Should Jim win his suspension than that in its self causes a whole new problem for the program as we know he would be placed back in the program leaving the newbie’s questioning how to crack the block.

It also has been suggested by readers that Team Canada should look at the whole picture when it comes to the program. Look at coach development and or mentorship, player exploration including more new players and even some of the old ones.

It has been suggested "that Canada's emphasis to be training rather than competing this season. Need to find a skip from carded squad Sonja, Ina, Darryl, Anne and Jack"

My question is why this suggestion would be limited to 5 suggested players? Why not look outside the box to the current pool or even beyond. Canada has a talent pool both current and past which can bring the program back to the top from its last 6th place performance at worlds. Combine this with coach development and Canada will just solidify its place in the World as the wheelchair curling and curling power house we are use to.

This all of course is larger based on the outcome of Jim's appeal!

Fingers crossed!

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