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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Got pennies????

Bring in your pennies

Citing low purchasing power and rising production costs, the government has decided to phase the penny out of existence starting this fall, when the Royal Canadian Mint will stop distributing the one-cent coin to financial institutions.

If you have a drawer filled with pennies like I do, or jars of the pesky pennies or if they are under your mattress giving you a frightful night’s sleep…bring them in to our curling game on Saturdays, we will put them to good use. Natasha has volunteered to roll them or if it is overwhelming we can have a rolling lunch with volunteers; we can all ask around to see if your friends or family will donate their pennies to our club. It’s one way of getting good use from the lowest coin denomination our country has to offer. Our penny drive will help to give us some fun. We will be bringing in some coin jars to the pennies.
One cent for all…and all for one….
More information found at: http://www.capitalwheelchaircurling.ca/

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