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Friday, September 28, 2012

Jim Armstrong reinstated - WCF reduces Armstrong suspension to 6 months (already served)

UPDATE - as of 28 September 2012: The WCF notes the decision of CAS to confirm the Anti-Doping Rule Violation of Mr Armstrong but to reduce the sanction imposed by the WCF’s Independent Hearing Panel. The new sanction imposed on Mr Armstrong is 6 months meaning he can resume curling activities as from 6 September 2012.

Anti-Doping Rule Violation:
On 17th February 2012, the WCF Doping Hearing Panel rendered the following decision against the athlete Mr James Armstrong (CAN) (“The Athlete”):
Contrary to WCF Anti-Doping Regulation 2.1-1
Following the expedited hearing held on 17th February 2012, on behalf of the World Curling Federation, the Independent Panel are unanimous in their view that Mr. Armstrong has committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation and that this constitutes a Doping Offence under ADR Article 2.1. The Panel confirm that the sanction applicable in this case should be 18 months suspension from the date of this decision.
The case was brought before the Independent Panel following an Adverse Analytical Finding in an Out of Competition test on Mr Armstrong. Mr Armstrong tested positive for TAMOXIFEN which is listed in category S4.2 HORMONE ANTAGONISTS AND MODULATORS.

Welcome back Big Jim!

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