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Friday, October 26, 2012

Goose is recovering

I his ouwn style and like no other Goose Perez is recovering from his 4th cancer surgery.

He is in high spirits and in Goose fashoin was sending along the play by play of his surgery. He now faces a little longer road to the finish line with Kemo and helaing but if I know Goose, he will not faulter on that either.

We shall keep you posted.....

Get well my Friend!


Jalle said...

Hi Goose,
Keep your spirit up :)

We are thinking of you, and hoping for a soon recovery.
Best wishes from Jalle
and your curling freinds in Sweden

Anonymous said...

I dont this man but I wish him all the best and sending prayers and hugs to him and his family for a speedy and full recovery.

Bruce Cameron said...

Hi Goose,

Keep your spirits up. I am struggling with Leukemia but holding my own at the present time.No more competitive curling at the present time but follow it very close.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. May GOD be with you.

Your friend,


Becki said...

I went through chemo for bone cancer. Keep fighting as people who don't even know you are hoping you get well soon! Take care x