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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well Wishes for Goose

It goes with out saying that life is full of obstacles and my close personal friend Augusto Goose Perez is now once again up against it.

Goose as we all know him by shall be heading back into the cancer battle with surgery occuring on Thursday. This is Gooses 4th fight so we know he has been on the winning side of this fight. Lets all band together to wish him well.

On a personal note; Goose has been my friend for many years and it is my hope and strive to aid Goose and his family in this battle. My heart goes out to my friend and I hope that this community can back him in what ever way they can. Donations can be made online and be assused those donation will make it to Goose.

God Bless and see you on the ice real soon my friend,


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