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Friday, November 9, 2012

A Complete UPDATE for the Richmond Bonspsiel - THANKS VINCE!

Here is a complete update of the richmond bonspiel!

This morning the (fifth) final draw for Round robin takes place in the morning followed by two rounds of non playoff counting draws in the afternoon and Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon will finish with "The Last Rock Reception" between 4-6pm with Guest of Honour Mr John Yap-MLA for Richmond/Steveston.

The Playoffs -1st place vs 2nd place for the Gold and 3rd place vs 4th place for the Bronze will take place on Saturday afternoon, followed by the Awards Presentations and Closing.

6th Annual International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel - 2012 Canadian Open

RCD presents 2012 Canadian Open - Nov. 7-10, 2012

From November 7 to 10, 2012 the RCD will be hosting its 6th Annual International Wheelchair Bonspiel - 2012 Canadian Open Tournament; it is doubly exciting this year because we have a new title to the event – Canadian Open International Wheelchair Bonspiel.
This new title exhibits the determination of RCD to make this event nationally and internationally acclaimed. We hope to attract quality competitors worldwide and bring the global stage to Richmond.

Wheelchair curling tournaments have been staged at the Paralympic Games since the Winter Paralympic Games in 2006 in Turin. So far, Canada has been the most successful team in the Paralympics, winning twice of the gold medals.

In 2011, the RCD International Bonspiel saw the keen competition of 8 teams, we hope to have the participation of more teams, with high caliber athletes and increased international presence.
Find out more about the 2012 Canadian Open:
Click here to view 2012 Canadian Open Event Rundown.
Click here to download 2012 Canadian Open Draw Schedule.
Click here to view Bonspiel venue – Richmond Curling Club.
Click here to learn “All About Richmond”.
For more info and enquiries, please contact RCD at 604-232-2404
Thank you to our 2012 Bonspiel Sponsors:

The teams are as follows (from skip to lead)

Canada 1 - Jim Armstrong, Mike Munro, Dennis Thiessen and Sonja Gaudet. Wendy Morgan-coach
Canada 2  -  Ina Forrest, Benoit Lessard, Gerry Austgarden, and Mark Ideson. Joe Rae-coach
Canada Wild  - Dave Graves, Ellis Tull, Rich Green, Samantha Siu, and Vince Miele (alt)  (this team is made up of individuals who wanted to play but did not have a team to play with)
Portland Oregon  - Bob Macdonald, Tim Kelly, Bill Grey, and Steven Roberts. Arnie Iwanick-coach
Quebec  - Carl Marquis,Sebastien Boisvert, Johanne daly, Denis Grenier. Germain Tremblay-coach
USA  - Patrick McDonald, David Palmer, Penny Greenly, and Meghan Lino. Steve Brown-coach




Anonymous said...

All I can say is what a complete joke!

They pull Gerry austgarden out of retirement but not Chris DAW.


Who kissed who's ass on that one. Not only does he come out of retirement but makes top 8 over Daw, Soby, and others.

How can you tell me Joe is not playing favourites!


Anonymous said...

Gerry pulled himself out of retirement,paid his own way to a camp and poof he is selected. It's a matter of will power and politcs. But wait a minute didn't he quit because of Jim and all the bull crap - I guess time heals all.

Anonymous said...

So by what your saying is ANYONE can just pay their way back into the program!

Bully up to the bar boys the doors are open! NOT!

Gerry had to be invited and we all know who invited him! Will power my ass, politics YES; will power no.

Hey; by this logic I am guessing Daw will be back soon as he has money. He has been very sucessful as of late. He now owns a Hockey facility in Oakville, Ontario.

Nice place I hear! some 80,000 sq feet worth some big bucks!

So he can buy his way back right!

Chris pull out your wallet; your back!

Chris Daw said...

The current suggestion that I write on my own blog is crazy to put it nicely.

I am way to busy and to busy to the point of I am not able to keep up with the flow of information and publish it on time.

Thanks for the kind thoughts I have the time to write but if I did I am not sure alot of people would like what I have to write.

Anonymous said...

SO let's really look at teh talent pool.

Included are three of the four starting line-up of two world championships and one Paralympic Gold.

That seems like three automatics for 2013, and likely 2014.

It is obvious that the Program is looking BEYOND 2014, and starting to bring along a younger group, including the likes of Ideson and Munroe. Thus, they are and should be included. What sense is there in bringing along any more athletes in their fifties and sixties? Canada is solid for the next couple of years, and they are now looking further out.

So quiot the belly-aching, and congratulate the Program for now seeing beyond their nose.

Anonymous said...

I find ihe site very usefull when looking for results nationally and world news primarily.
I take exception with the coment on age that was posted.
This is not a "age"limited sport -
4 of the five gold medalist @ the 2010 were "older" & wiser ok! Jim, Darryl, Bruno all over fifty and in speaking with Ina recently she is now fifty - which I am about to turn. Who thinks they are skilled enough physically and mentally to take their spots?? NOT LIKELY KIDS!!