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Monday, November 26, 2012

Team Scotland hits Facebook with Travel adventures!

We have been following Tony Zumack and Team Scotlland as they make their way from Scotland to Canada for the Cathy Kerr Bonspiel this weekend.

Tony Says....

Now it's 430 pm and we are waiting in Toronto to fly into Ottawa. We only had a 3 hours in London and we almost missed our flight, last minute gate change and terminal change. Good to see something familiar, Tim Horton's!

And from thsi morning....

The team waiting to board at Edinburgh Airport. It was a a 430 am wake up call so I am thinking there will be some sleeping on the plane. We arrive in Ottawa at 630 pm so a full day of " planes, trains and automobiles " awaits us. Not a bad picture considering the source was half asleep, thanks Craig! — with Ian Donaldson, Jim Gault, Tom Killin, Christine Ewan, Gregor Cameron Ewan and Gregor Ewan.

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