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Friday, November 30, 2012

Tony on Facebook

Tony Zummack is commenting from Ottawa about his trip and the Cath Kerr Bonspiel. Here is a couple of  things he had to say:

Well Day 2 sees us play both Team Rees and Team Blanchette. Team Scotland was victorious over Team Rees 6-2 and now plays Team Blanchette at 7 pm tonight. It is a must win for us if we want to assure ourselves a spot in the high road quarter finals tomorrow morning.

Day 1 is behind us and the competition begins tomorrow at 2pm. We had 2 practice sessions today and have played on both ice surfaces now. The weather has turned cold, minus 15 celius tonight so it will be quite chilly in the morning. The team will actually take some outer wear off before going out onto the ice, not something normally done for them.

Day 1 of the Cathy Kerr and Team Scotland played Team Prudhomme. The line score was 7-0 down after 4 ends but we managed to score 7 points in the next 3 ends to force an extra end. Team Prudhomme made a 6 foot tap back to the 4 foot on last stone to secure the win. Team Scotland is 0-1 going into Day 2 with games at 12 noon and 7 pm tomorrow. We are now off for a team meal then a game reviews before calling it a day.

So this is day 2 now upon us, we enjoyed a recovery day Tuesday with a light ice session in the afternoon and a team dinner with our fans from Tecumseh and Regina. Today we have 2 ice sessions planned, 1 at each venue. The weather is seasonal for Ottawa, between 0 and 10 below celcius. We'll post pics from the ice rink's later today.

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