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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A huge Apology to Team Fieck

Unknown to almost everyone, I was to make a return to curling this weekend at the Cathy Kerr Bonspiel in Ottawa. I had been discussing the opportunity to get back on the ice for some time with my good friend Wayne Fieck from the NOCA.

We had decided that the Cathy Kerr would have been a great place for me to jump back on the ice for some fun by playing third for Wayne on Friday and Saturday for a couple games.

On Monday at work, I injured my back and had been trying to rest so that I would be able to play this weekend for the first time in nearly 3 years.

The injury has turned out to be far more extensive then I first thought and I have been unable to attend. I want to publicly apologize to Wayne and the team for not being able to make it. I know you where counting on me but this was unforeseen.

I hope sometime in the future we may be able to play with each other. Again; I am sorry.


Chris Daw

3 torn spinal muscles


Angie Malone said...

Hey Chris,
Great to hear your intention to get back on the ice in competition. Sorry to hear this is delayed with your injury, have a speedy recover and hope to see you playing soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree, glad to hear that you were going to think about a come back. More important glad to see you have smarted up and understand when not to puch yourself!

I know it must be disappointing for you and for Wayne but personal health MUST take top spot over play. I watched you play injuried for to many years.

Nice to see the change and the possible return.

Canada needs you!