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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ideson & Munro drop Reynen & Comerford for Armstrong

In a last minute move (48 hours out of dead line) Team Canada pool members Mark Ideson and Mark Munro havee drop lond time Coach Ernie Comerford and former team mate Tony Reynen for Jim Armstrong to play in provinicals.

The group will consist of Jim Armstrong skipping with Ildeson, Munro and last years lead Wilcox playing lead. No 5th or coach has been named at this time.

The moved surprised Comerford, being just 48 hours outside the Ontario registration deadline. This left Comerford no time to put togther another team out of the Ilderton curling club for this years playdowns.

The New group Armstrong will lead into provinicals will play out of the Galt golf and curling club just outside of Cambridge. The move seems to have mixed up some emotions around the provinice and we will now have to see what the outcome of provinicals in January is.


Jamie Eddy said...

Absolutely disgusting. I'm not sure all the details are exactly as described here, but the nucleus is true and those boys should be ashamed of themselves.

Jamie Eddy
Capital Wheelchair Curling Club President
Organizing Chair of the Cathy Kerr Memorial Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel

Anonymous said...

Wow. An astonishing lack of class displayed all around. Not that we should be surprised;in describing Jim Armstrong, the word "honourable" doesn't exactly spring to mind. And leaving Ernie scrambling to put together a team in six weeks? Really, guys. Could you not have waited until next year, at least?

Doug Morris said...

I totally agree with Jamie. This is appalling. Ernie Comerford is a wonderful man and a great coach who has done so much for the sport. He deserves better than this.

Doug Morris

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I agree with Jamie. Pretty shallow of them, dropping their coach and second. It's the way they did it, 48 hours before the deadline. Can't even believe they are on Team Canada. Their selection is a joke, just like the program. They needed some poster boy and that's why Mark was chosen. Anybody at Kathy Kerr saw he wasn't chosen based on talent.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Jamie. You two should be ashamed of yourselves.

Isn't it something, everywhere Armstrong goes he creates controversy & disharmony.

What a creep!

Anonymous said...

I thought the CCA would only allow two players from the pool to play on any one Provincial team? Is that no longer the case?

Anonymous said...

Anyone talked to Ernie?

Or Mark, for that matter?

Anonymous said...

Pretty classless if you ask me. I hope they don't even get out of the province. And it's true, where ever Jim goes he brings a bad smell to things. Isn't enough he has tarnished our program with his cheating. Hopefully what goes around comes around and your lack of loyalty will be payed back. Shame on you two.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to hear that Tony and Ernie will not be around! They are true gentlemen which what curling is about.

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

We spoke directly to Ernie before even publishing this story!

Also spoke with the CCA regarding the number of players permitted to play together. and the following is what was sent back to us;

The National Team Pool has a rule that states; "a maximum of 2 players from the 5 player Team Canada roster may play on the same team at the Canadian Wheelchair Championship".

Jamie Eddy said...

Which means that either a) they're assuming that Mike will be cut from the National Program when they reduce the pool to the final five, b)the CCA is going to make yet another exception for Mr. Armstrong, or c)they're only going with this lineup to secure a Provincial title and they'll make another change before the Nationals.

Anonymous said...

Jamie.....get your facts straight before you blow your mouth off.

Ontario provincials are governed by CCA rules.

Do you think the OCA would let a non-qualified team play?

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Tony & Earnie.
Get a team together and kick there butts boys. Keep your chin up guys!!
That's pretty low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Duclos

Anonymous said...

I think we all know Mike will be cut from ‘the program’ so we can take that off the list. Is it not obvious that Mark is being groomed and has become Armstrong and Peckham’s new puppet boy? The way I see it, Mark doesn't have the confidence in himself to make it to the Nationals so he has to rely on his puppet master to move him forward. It’s a shame when someone has to stoop that low.

And really??...... is anyone surprised that Armstrong would take advantage of this opportunity? We all know he has no morals and does whatever he wants. He can do no wrong…... it make me nauseous thinking about it.

It’s sad when people in your own country support other international teams because of the embracement and discuss Armstrong has brought to Canadian wheelchair curling.

Mark, you are heading down that road, be careful.

The saga continues…….

Jamie Eddy said...

For clarification, this comes directly from the OCA.

"There are no rules regarding the number of National Team members playing at a Provincial Wheelchair Curling Championship."

Anonymous said...

Years ago Team Canada hijacked the National Championships. Essentially Team Canada used the Nationals as a practice for upcoming World competition. This was not popular amongst curling teams because it meant there was no consequence if Team Canada lost. Their title was never in jeopardy. While at the time there were no rules preventing this hijacking, the CCA quickly realized that it would be detrimental to growing this sport in Canada. Since then CCA made a rule that, to this day prevents the National Team from competing at National Championships. Let's hope the OCA realize that allowing this to happen, will have a significant impact on the future of curling in Ontario. After all, how is this any different from a national team hijacking a Provincial Playoff and using it as a "practice" with no consequence? If OCA does nothing to prevent this occurring in the future, you can kiss wheelchair curling goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want, but I really think that your Provincials, and likely Nationals will become more competitive, which could be the first step to eliminating a selected Team Canada.

I guess the other part is who should Armstrong play with? He is a bona-fide Ontario resident, and should support his own province.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, further to my earlier comment, I am convinced that there is a "limit" to National Team members on a Provincial team to avoid the potential embarassment of "Team Canada" not winning the national title.

Ironically, I have heard that Armstrong supports the idea of a play-off between Team Select and the National winner.

Further, given the timing of the Ontario entry, my bet is that Team Canada for this season has been finalized.

Anonymous said...

I think what we are seeing on this thread is the reason why wheelchair curling will not enjoy mainstream curling popularity.

Does anyone think that personnel changes does not occur constantly in the competitive able-bodied game? Has anyone heard of Jennifer Jones? Jeff Stoughton? Kevin Martin before he connected with his present team? Actually, check ANY competitive team, and you will see constant change until a level of competency is atained.

Change and transition is what is needed to propel this game, since, with the attitude here it is not a sport, but simply a game.

Let's spend time on reaching the level of Team Canada and challenge them for the right to represent the country.

Jamie Eddy said...

We shouldn't have to challenge them for the right to represent the country. I'll say it as many times as is necessary. The difference between the curlers you mentioned and us is that they play to become Team Canada. We cannot. And that's why you're seeing so much resentment over National Team members being allowed to tromp through our playing field when we aren't allowed anywhere near theirs.

Anonymous said...


The numbers simply don't substantiate the national winner representing Canada. The last few years was an anomaly, with the entire starting line-up in B.C.

Get over it.

Funding relates to results.

A play-off is the best step towards eliminating a select TEAM.

Further, players have historically launched onto the Selection radar by performance at Nationals.

Did anyone really get left out of the qualifying group of about 30 from last season?

I doubt it, but do stand to be corrected...please provide a couple of names..

Anonymous said...


Is the collective "we" you use suggest you feel you were overlooked in the selection process?

Anonymous said...

Names left out of the process, humm let me see. The entire winnign team from nationals last year including Darwin.

Humm who else ask Daw if he got a call becuase I seem to remember Austgarden got the dust rolled off of him. What about Cormack why did he not get the call.

Hey what about Carl from Quebec who is a way better player than Benny.

Give me a break...a ton of names did not get the call.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

You know I am interested in something. Why does everyone THINK Daw is such a problem? This mamangement nightmare?

I meet him, I know him and here is a guy who is willing to give his shirt off is back for this sport. He has get passion for it and really a bad rap as far as I am concerned. He is a great player, great coach (ask Korea) and much more.

I don't think Daw is a problem. I think Daw had problems with Joe but that was some 5 years ago. Daw gets along with Armstrong even played with him. Has worked with many teams.

People change and I know Chris has changed and I mean allot.

I people need to let go of the pass take a look at this guy and see what he can do for the program again. I mean he has been doing work for all of us all these years and no one has even noticed or even said thank you.

Were the hell do you think this program got it start!

Anonymous said...

I am sure what has happened, right or wrong, is that Chris was such a management nightmare five years ago, that with the same staff, they simply will not risk the program to try him again. Apparently it was totally impossible situation to deal with him.

It WILL NOT change at least until the present staff have retired. I am sure if you asked Chris, he would agree that this is the case, and that he was master of his own destiny.

Is it fair? who knows? Is it reality? Certainly seems to be.

I really think that if he was ever to get another chance it should be with Jim, since Jim would never allow any on ice antics to affect results, and this opportunity is now lost with a new team that will likely run through 2014

Anonymous said...

Chris a nightmare, What a fu*(ing joke.

Do you not all see the nightmare that Jim Armstrong is. Covicted criminal, Failed drug test. Control freak!

And you think Chris was a nightmare, give me a f*(ing break.

Give me Chrs Daw over Jim Armstrong anyday. Jim is an embrassment to this sport.

The only thing Chris ever did wrong was NOT agree with Joe and the CCA. He is a criminal, NO

Ever failed a drug test, NO

Daw over Armstrong anytime, we may not win everytime but at least we would not be an embrasement.

Oh and by the way Chris is a ligit wheelchair user, don't forget that!

Jamie Eddy said...

For the record, to the best of my knowledge,at no point in time have I ever been in consideration by the National Program. The only reason those people even know who I am is because of my role in the Cathy Kerr Bonspiel.

Anonymous said...

Does one not have to compete to be eligible for team Canada. Chris has not so why would you think he is even interested ?

Chris why do you let this dribble on the Blog it is an embarrassment to you and the Blog.

Anonymous said...


Did you ever think you WERE considered based on performance, and that was the end of it?

I would bet that EVERY wheelchair player has been on the radar, since the numbers are so few.

Chris Daw said...

In response to why I let the "questionable" comments occur. Simplly good or bad people have the right to express thier opinions on all the subjects including me be it good or bad