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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Laughie Rutt comes out of retirement to play third at Nova Scotia Provinicals

Laughie Rutt - information provided by LR

The Nova Scotia provincials are set for January 4th - 6th at the Halifax Curling Club. Two teams will playoff in a best of five series. Defending champion Richard Brown will skip a team with Paige Fougere as lead and Steve Parfitt playing second. The third and playing coach is Laughie Rutt. George Horning who has relocated to Nova Scotia is the Alternate.

They will face a team skipped by Trendal Hubley - Bollivar. Debbie Earle will play lead and Devan Forbes will play third. Terry Cousinneau is their alternate after leaving team Brown in the summer. This is the same team that played in Utica in the US Open.

 Halifax curling club is the oldest continuosly operated curling club in Canada and was founded in 1824.


Anonymous said...

So just wondering why there can be line-up changes, changes in coaching, etc. in Nova Scotia, but not in Ontario?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if there are any results out yet?

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the scores. Hubley-Bolivar is so far ahead 2 games. Next draw is at 7 p.m.


Michael Fitzgerald said...

Results so far is Hubley-Bolivar 2 wins, Richard Brown 0. Third game begins Saturday at 7pm Atlantic. Check http://bit.ly/112KFkm for up to date results as they happen.