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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Manitoba beats Team Canada (Armstrong) 9-5

In the bronze medal game this morning Team Scotland defeated Team Usa 7-5.

In the gold medal game Team Manitoba defeated Team Canada 1 9-5.

LIVE webcast coverage of the Utica US Open starts on Friday!

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Angie Malone said...

Well done Manitoba and congratulations Team Scotland - great result against USA.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to team Manitoba. A couple of their players played unbelievable. Team Canada may want to re-evaluate their player choices. Team Manitoba beats Canada and Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

What was team manitoba's lineup that beat Armstrong ? No congrats for them? They did beat team Canada after all.

Anonymous said...

I agree What was the line up for Manitoba and why so little coverage of this Event. Why no picture of the Winners ? I understand this was advertised as the biggest Spiel in the world. You gave it two lines after the final. Then all about the next spiel ? Why ?

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

Ok so it does get a little much when we get these continued complaints about our coverage of events to which we are not at nor recieve ANY information on.

Give me a break! To the questions from above here are the answers;

No idea what the line up was, I was not there and was not provided the line ups what so ever!

Why no picture; I was not there and none was provided!

I gave it 2 lines becuase that is all that was provided.

Right now it is impossible for me to be at every event unless I get paid for it whihc I DON'T!

If I don't get the information I can't post it. I am not going to make shit up just to write something.

So, if you would like more coverage of events; as I say!

As the WCF; CCA; Provinical boards, bonspiel organiziers to either pay for us to go or send us the information!

I will be happy to post it!

And oh.....Merry Christmas!