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Friday, December 14, 2012

Wheelchair curling builds strength, independence for those with spinal cord injury

A group of curlers were taking part in a game of wheelchair curling on Saturday. It was a fundraiser for First Steps Wellness Centre, a rehab clinic that works with people who have spinal cord injuries. It was also a fun way for people in wheelchairs to build their strength and independence.
“Everybody's having fun. It's fun because anybody can do it. You don't have to get out and stretch your muscles and tear everything apart. You just get out and curl. You push the rock and it's fun, anybody can do it,” said organizer Owen Carlson.

People like Jessica Frotten were getting in on the fun. She injured her spinal cord in a car accident 3 years ago, and has found activities like this to be crucial in her recovery.

“It's so important... because if you just sit, you don't use the muscles that you used to use all the time, they'll just atrophy and waste away to nothing and that doesn't take a very long time,” Frotten said.
There were professional curlers on hand to help those new to the sport get up to speed.

“It feels really good to do something like that because they need to be encouraged to go out and sometimes they don't feel like they can do it with their injury,” said Marie Wright, a player on Team Saskatchewan. “Anything is possible if you just give it a try.”

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