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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ontario playdowns updated!

Authored by Trevor Kerr

Results are in for the first draw today and the scores indicate three one sided affairs.

Eddi played a full game against Armstrong but could not score and lost 12 - 0.  Reese and Fraser shook after 7 ends with the score 13 - 3 in favour of Reese.  In the third game of the draw, Morris who is playing in the bonspiel for the first time since Bruce Cameron's passing, lost to Gregory 10 - 2 in 8 ends.

We look forward to closer results in the next draw which will start at 1500 hrs. as the teams get used to the ice and the competition.

Sheet 11234567891011Total
Doug Morris0010010X---2
Ken Gregory1104202X---10

Sheet 21234567891011Total
Richard Fraser1110000X---3
Chris Rees0003433X---13

Sheet 31234567891011Total
Jim Armstrong2411121X---12
Jamie Eddy0000000X---0

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