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Saturday, February 23, 2013

3rd World title for Canada in 4 years! Canada wins at World Wheelchiar Championships!

It was a close one again but third time was a charm for Jim and the Canadian crew of Sonja, Ina, Dennis , Mark , Joe and Wendy.

The return of Jim saw Canada vault back on to the podium not only on but to the top. The Canadian team was only ever reall challanged during these worlds but Sweden actually losing 2 out of 3 meetings.

The team was more consistent than most other teams with throwing but it is Jim advantage of calling the game and ice that puts Canada out of reach. As quoted by USA skip Pat McDonald "Jim has been playing longer than I've been alive"

This showed more than ever at this Worlds. Jim brings to the table what is very hard to match anywhere and those which can are either passed away, retired or did not quailify however small that group is not to mention however however distance those players may ever be to Jim's expereince.

Canada has now done what no team in the history of Wheelchair curlign has, 3 Worlds titles and 2 Paralympic titles. Fact is Canada has never lost at the Paralympics since to became a Paralympic sport and as we look to the future in 2014; Canada has even a little more work to do to ensure that they do Not lose this distinct title.

Congratulations to all and safe journey home!

1 comment:

Carl Marquis said...

Good Job to all of you gang
Well done