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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Canada finishes round robin 8-1 but Canada finishes second

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With round robin play now wrapped up (only Slovakia & Finaland to paly)  we know Canada has had another great run with the return of Jim Armstrong at the helm. Canada had only 1 close loss and that was to Sweden. Finsihing second over all. The big surprises of this year is the fact that Korea is now forced to quailfy for next Worlds in 2015 as is Norway.

Now entering page-playoff the round robin does not matter nor to any of the wins. It is win or die from this point forward so to speak. Canada finishing in  2  will now play in the 1-2 game against Sweden the only tam to beat them.

Win and it is off to the finals with at least a silver to take home. Gold prefered of course. Lose and it is not just over as they would get a chace to run for the title the long way around by playing the winner of the 3-4 game in a MUST win. Winning that they would then get a second chance at the winner of the 1-2 game.

Be that said it is all about WINS now and we know what Canada can do. This team has engery and the ability. They even have the track record. My observations is that Canada as a whole is far above the rest of the world at this poitn in strategy calling of the game.  JIM  makes the difference or maybe it is the way Canada plays the game. What seems basic to us may not be so basic to other teams. The reall diffence is how the game is call and ice reading. In my opinion that above anything else is why Canada has been so successfull at this years Worlds.

We now just wait to see the final outcome!

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