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Monday, February 18, 2013

GTX - Times Have changed!

The GTX system combines a movable T-handle and an articulated bracket.

Together advancements to the two devices contribute to create a better
link between wheelchair curling the athlete and the stone by improving
grip and rotation control while minimizing loss in power.


This increases overall precision, efficiency and consistency in the motion.
What is more, it makes the equipment adaptable to the particular needs
and preferences of each individual.


The GTX system is user friendly and quickly mastered without requiring

any major changes to the delivery technique.

It is designed to enable the wheelchair athletes to perform to their

true potential, and to support the World Curling Federation's goal

of playing wheelchair curling as close to the regular game as possible.

Other advantages include: a movable T-handle
suits quadriplegic athletes, an articulated bracket that fits all
curling stones, and both devices are made of highly durable material


For more information or to order contact:


Carl Marquis- sales representative

Germain Tremblay-creator

 Email:  gtx.curling.system@gmail.com

“The GTX is a new revolution in curling stick sticks. It’s ability to allow for increased line of delivery and control is what is needed in today’s game! A NEW face on the block has been needed for some time and as the sport changes the GTX is a natural fit to the evolution of the sport. It will change your game!”


Chris Daw

2006 Paralympic Gold Medalist

Skip, Team Canada


Carl Marquis said...

For any Purchase or Questions please contact Carl Marquis
(3rd for Quebec provincial Team)
or email: carlmarquis@live.ca

Carl Marquis said...

You can also send your questions at:

Carl Marquis (sales Rep)
Germain Tremblay (creator)