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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Live Coverage of the 2013 Canadian National Championships

In some 24 days the Wheelchair curling blog 2 in co-operation with the Canadian Curling Assoiation and our sponsors Ice 2 Ice, DaPhoeinx Productions, and The Curling News will begin what we hope will be the best internet coverage ot a Natioanls ever.

Now we are not TSN or anythings but we are going to do our best to provide FULL coverage of the Nationals. Not only will we be having our feature game coverage but will have invested additional  7 cameras in order to provide live coverage of all the games as they happen.

For the first time ever we will be able to seemlessly swap in and out of all 5 round robin games as they happen. We will continue with our primary singale game coverage but will also have coverage of the other 4 games as they happen.

We hope to bring an event which is excellent and thank all of those who have and continue to support our efforts.

We are more than willing to provide coverage for any event that is willing to have us, bonspiel, provincials, nationals or other wise. Just drop us a note let us know when the event is and we will be in contact with you from there.

Also; note that the blog 2 will be goin though  a few changes over the next few weeks; from website design to email and much more!

All becuase of your the readers and the interest and support you ahve shown us in our coverage of the sport we all love!



Chris Daw


Anonymous said...

AWESOME CHRIS!! Last yrs coverage was EXCELLENT. The family members who are across the country and unable to attend TRULY appreciate being able to WATCH rather than just wait for upsdates. Keep up the good work you do because it is truly appreciated and valued.

Anonymous said...

Do you know which games you will be streaming live?