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Saturday, February 23, 2013

World Wheelchair Curling Championship Wrap-up

1. CAN – (Gold )
2. SWE – (Silver)
3. CHN – China (Bronze)
4. USA - USA
5. RUS – Russia
6. SCO – Scotland
7. SVK – Slovakia
8. FIN – Finland
9. KOR – Korea      - MUST quailify for 2015 Worlds
10. NOR – Norway - MUST quailify for 2015 Worlds

Canada 2013 World Champions!

So that is it for this years Worlds and Canada has done it again! A great tournament and real preview of Sochi in 2014.

Canada is again on top of the world giving testament to the abilies of all involved. Jim gives unmatched expereince and will to the program. Dennis provides an excellecent aurgment to Jim as third. Ina continues to show her dominance as in my opinion the best female player if not one of the best players in the world. Sonja continues to build on her resume as Canadas most decorated wheelchair curler with 3 World titles and 2 Paralympic titles to her name. Joe as coach has evelated himself into the most successful wheelchair curling coach in history as has Wendy.

Mark Ideson from London has completed the cycle bring home the title and has a bright future with the program.

As for the future, we will see if the programs has anychanges come to it of will this 5 be our Paralympic representatives. What this worlds did show is the gap is closing between the teams just a little along with the fact the given the right day and time that Canada could be beaten. However difficult that is.

Closing Cermonies

The Worlds also had a few surprises with the biggest one being Korea. A favourite going into this world that faded quickly with them only winning a couple of games near the end of the week. Also being of a huge surprise is the fact that their 9th palce finish now has them having to go to quailifiers in late 2014 for a spot at the Worlds in 2015. This now making it even more difficult for other teams at quailiers to make the top 2.

We won't see any changes in the teams in Sochi (other than maybe a few players) as Finlands finsih gives them 3 points just out beating Germany for the last Paralympic spot based on points.

Watch the world changes and prep for Sochi like never before as we may see teams hire new coaches or adjust players inorder to try and knock Canada off. Watch Canada invest in the future of players but also take a close look at what the program holds for both Sochi and the future.

Good Luck to all.

As for the Blog 2 we will now turn our attention towards live coverage of the Canadian National Wheelchair curling championships in Ottawa at the end of March. Surprising to all is that fact that only 1 of Canada's Gold medal team will be there - Dennis.

See you all in Ottawa!

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