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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Crash Course In Feeling Gratitude


Through clever and persistent advertising we have become hypnotized by the campaigns. The campaigns to create fear, campaigns to create need. Campaigns to make you "better." Campaigns to make you buy." It's hard to resist.

What is it we truly need? Food, water and shelter. That is what we need to survive. So everything on top of that is GRAVY! We are blessed. Know that your blessed. Feel blessed. Feeling blessed is one and the same with gratitude. It's a wonderful feeling. You should try it sometime. Live minimally. It frees you. They say "the more possessions we own; the more the possessions own us." If you distinguish between "wants" and "needs." It will help you cut back in needless accumulation.

Happiness is clear when you see people in "poor rural" cultures living simply, humbly and happy. Where family is key. Extended family is just as important as immediate family. It seems that families in poor nations have a lot of gratitude for what they have. Things we would take for granted.

Comedian Russell Peters said when he was in a poor Indian community he noticed a boy running around without shoes. Russell pointed it out to the boy who replied " Yeah who cares, he doesn't have feet" pointing at another boy. Instant perspective. Life is good when you are grateful. Remember gratitude is something you feel not something you say. You must "feel" grateful.

We live in excess. We obsess over things that a person in a third world country could never understand. Why does anyone need 24 plates, 30 forks, 15 glasses? Why does anyone need more than 1 of anything? Imagine if a poor African family took a tour through one of our grocery superstores?. Or what would they think if they saw our "all you can eat buffets", where we throw away more than they eat? It seems arrogant. They say it's not possible to feed the world. I say of course we can feed the world. We chose not to. We have never tried and we never will! With the exceptions of the amazing groups that are out there all the time trying to make a difference in people's lives, by giving them the skills to sustain themselves... and supply them with life's necessities.

When you are ready to minimize the things in your life you will feel free, clear, connected and balanced. It's a process. Step by step. Start by getting rid of clutter and unused things. Give them away to family or friends or to a goodwill. It makes life easier when you avoid or minimize TV time. Avoid all the "stuff", all the sales pitches. Try to avoid being persuaded into needing anything. Of course we will always want to own "things". It doesn't mean you're the devil if you have some cool stuff. It's about perspective. Knowing how little others have. Anything above food, water and shelter is Gravy.

It's a bonus, be grateful. A little perspective goes a long way.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cher_Woodiwiss

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