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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cape Cod Curling Club Summer Wheelchair Bonspiel

Pat MacDonald, Team USA


Konstantin Kurokhtin30
Tim Kelly21
Chris Rees11
Megan Lino11
MyungJin Kim11
Patrick McDonald11
Benoit Lessard02
Tony Reynen02

Thursday, July  25, 2013

Draw 1 - 09:00 AM
Game #ClubSheetTeams & Scores 
Cape Cod Curling Club1 Megan Lino (6) vs. Patrick McDonald (5)
Cape Cod Curling Club2 Tim Kelly (1) vs. Konstantin Kurokhtin (6)
Cape Cod Curling Club3 Benoit Lessard (2) vs. Chris Rees (10)
Draw 2 - 1:00 PM
Game #ClubSheetTeams & Scores 
Cape Cod Curling Club1 Tim Kelly (8) vs. Tony Reynen (2)
Cape Cod Curling Club2 MyungJin Kim (6) vs. Chris Rees (6)
Cape Cod Curling Club3 Konstantin Kurokhtin (10) vs. Megan Lino (3)
Draw 3 - 4:00 PM
Game #ClubSheetTeams & Scores 
Cape Cod Curling Club1 Benoit Lessard (5) vs. Tim Kelly (6)
Cape Cod Curling Club2 Konstantin Kurokhtin (13) vs. Tony Reynen (1)
Cape Cod Curling Club3 Patrick McDonald (8) vs. MyungJin Kim (1)


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