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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Out of retirement and into the fire! I am returning to curling!

Now I don’t want any of you thinking I have some major delusions of grandeur for a return to Team Canada.  But Yes; the rumours are true I am returning to the sport of curling as a competitive player.

I have taken 6 years away from the sport and it seems like a life time. I have done my best to give back to the sport through the wheelchair curling blog 2 and will continue to do so. But the call of the game and the fact my little girl is now old enough not to mention my wife said it was ok as well has lead me back to the ice.

I will be coming out of retirement for the love of the game, to play a few competitive events and hey maybe even catch up with a few old friends. Now don’t worry the blog will continue and should even be better as being on the front lines again allows for a different perspective.

Over the summer has seen a few changes in teams around the province of Ontario. Shauna Petrie has left Chris Rees from Toronto and will be playing with me as had Katie P. and Christine L. left Doug Morris to play along side of me.

It takes me back to my Team from Newfoundland were it was 3 ladies and 1 guy; is going to be allot of fun.

I am coming back because of the passion for the sport and to see if I can still play with a few of the big boys and girls. The game has come a long way as have the players since I last played. Seeing what I can do will be fun and after all life is about following your passion.

Only time will tell and like I was once told; don’t even let your passion over weigh your patience.

See you on the ice!


Terry said...

that's great, its about time. good luck

Tony Zummack said...

Look forward to seeing you on ice when we play the Cathy Kerr Memorial in Ottawa. Enjoy the rest of the summer.