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Friday, October 25, 2013

RCD Bonspiel - Day 3 Results - Canaad needs to strong win and a few help losses to have a chance

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After 3 days of competition here are the standings:

Scotland 4-1
Alberta 3-2
BC 3-2...
Canada 3-2
Edmonton 2-3
RCD 2-3
BOSQ 1-4

Saturday Morning at 9am sees:

Canada vs BC, Alberta vs RCD, Scotland vs Edmonton and BOSQ has the bye.

Canada needs to win in hopes of finishing in 2nd for a chance at a chance at the 1-2 game but that would also mean that Alberta needs to loss against RCD based on the head to head tie breaker.

Looks like Canada may finsh best at 3rd and then play in the bronze medal game. We will see tomorrow!

At 1pm we see the finals with

1st vs 2nd for Gold    (     vs   )
3rd vs 4th for Bronze (     vs )
5 vs 6 for seating        (     vs   )

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