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Sunday, October 27, 2013

UPDATED - Team Alberta beats Scotland in a draw to the button to win RCD

The final results are in and here is what they said:

The official results are:

Frist Place                 Alberta

Second Place            Scotland

Third Place                Canada

Fourth Place              BC

Fifth Place                  Edmonton Rocks

Sixth Place                 RCD

Seventh Place           BOSQ

It was a 5 -5 tie when a draw to the button would determine the outcome of the RCD Bonspiel in Richmond. Alberta would out draw Scotland to win!

Day 1

 Draw 1

BC defeated RCD

Scotland defeated BOSQ

Alberta defeated Canada

Draw 2

Scotland defeated Canada

Edmonton defeated Alberta

BC defeated BOSQ

Day 2

Draw 3

Edmonton defeated BC

Scotland defeated RCD

Alberta defeated BOSQ

Draw 4

Alberta defeated Scotland

Canada defeated BOSQ

RCD defeated Edmonton

Draw 5

Edmonton vs BOSQ

Alberta vs BC

RCD vs Canada

Draw 6


Canada vs Edmonton

BC vs Scotland


Draw 7

Canada vs BC

Alberta vs RCD

Scotland vs Edmonton

Tony Zummack | Head Coach Wheelchair Curling

sportscotland institute of sport | Airthrey Road | Stirling | FK9 5PH

Congratulations to Team Alberta and thank you to Ella and Vince from the RCD for helping us out with the results.

Remember regardless of how big or small your event may be if you send the wheelchair curling result in we will make sure it gets posted to the world.

Promote yourself, your event and the sport....help us get the word out!

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