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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

8th Annual U.S. Open International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel

8th Annual U.S. Open International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel

December 6-8, 2013

Well, the Utica bonspiel is just around the corner and this year is the bestest yet!  Unfortanuly we will not be attending this year due to some personal circumstances with Morgan BUT we will have LIVE coverage of some of the event. Working with the Utica Curling Club we will be broadcasting some of the event on our Ustream channel for your viewing.

Please find below the dtail of the events, should be a GREAT one!

Pool A                         Pool B

Bradford                     Korea #1

Korea #2                     Ottawa

Scotland                      Russia

Slovakia                      Quebec           

USA #1                       Toronto

USA #3                       USA #2



Sheet numbers are in parentheses

Teams listed first in each draw will use dark (red) handles

Teams listed second in each draw have Hammer for first end

Coin flip will determine Hammer for first game




8:15 a.m.                     USA #1 vs. USA #3 (1)                      Quebec vs. USA #2 (3)          

                                    Slovakia vs. Scotland (2)                    Korea #1 vs. Toronto (5)

                                    Korea #2 vs. Bradford (4)                  Russia vs. Ottawa (6) 


11:30 a.m.                   Scotland vs. USA #1 (3)                     Korea #1 vs. Quebec (4)

                                    Korea #2 vs. USA #3 (2)                    USA #2 vs. Russia (5)                                   

Bradford vs. Slovakia (6)                   Toronto vs. Ottawa (1)


1:45 p.m.                     Lunch


2:30 p.m.                     USA #3 vs. Scotland (4)                     Quebec vs. Toronto (2)

                                    USA #1 vs. Korea #2 (5)                    Russia vs. Korea #1 (1)

                                    BYE Slovakia                                     BYE USA #2

BYE Bradford                                    BYE Ottawa




8:15 a.m.                     Slovakia vs. USA #1 (4)                     Ottawa vs. USA #2 (2)

                                    Bradford vs. USA #3 (5)                    Toronto vs. Russia (3)

                                    BYE Scotland                                     BYE Korea #1

                                    BYE Korea #2                                    BYE Quebec



11:30 a.m.                   USA #1 vs. Bradford (2)                    Korea #1 vs. Ottawa (5)

                                    USA #3 vs. Slovakia (3)                     Russia vs. Quebec (4)

                                    Korea #2 vs. Scotland (6)                   USA #2 vs. Toronto (1)


1:45 p.m.                     Lunch


2:45 p.m.                     Slovakia vs. Korea #2 (1)                    USA #2 vs. Korea #1 (6)

                                    Scotland vs. Bradford (4)                   Quebec vs. Ottawa (3)

                                    BYE USA #1                                      BYE Russia

                                    BYE USA #3                                      BYE Toronto


5:30 p.m.                     Dinner


Sunday                       Semi Finals

8:00 a.m.                     Pool A Winner vs Pool B Runner-Up (3)

Pool B Winner vs Pool A Runner-Up (4)

Pool A 3rd place vs Pool B 4th place (2)

Pool B 3rd place vs. Pool A 4th place (5)

Pool A 5th place vs Pool B 6th place (1)

Pool B 5th place vs Pool A 6th place (6)


11:15 a.m.                   Finals

                                    Gold Medal Game

                                    Bronze Medal Game

                                    #5 vs. #6

                                    #7 vs. #8

                                    #9 vs. #10

                                    #11 vs. #12


1:45 p.m.                     Lunch

2:15 p.m.                     Awards





Win = 2 points

Tie = 1 point (no extra ends)

Loss = 0 points


Teams tied after the completion of the round robin and semi-finals will have their position in the standings decided as follows:


1st - By head to head game results.  If three teams are tied, and if one team

        defeated both of the other two, they would be first

2nd - Number of ends scored. A blank end counts as half an end for each team

3rd - Total points scored

4th – Coin flip



Past Results

2006                2007                            2008                    2009                   2010

Gold-USA #1 Gold-Great Britain      Gold-USA#1      Gold-USA #1     Gold-USA #1

Silver-Norway             Silver-Ottawa      Silver-Ottawa     Silver-USA #2

                        Bronze-USA #1          Bronze-Bradford Bronze-USA #2 Bronze-Bradford


2011                            2012

Gold-Quebec              Gold-Quebec

Silver-Ottawa              Silver-Korea

Bronze-Bradford        Bronze-Scotland





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